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Robert Leger wrote thousands of editorials and columns during his journalism career, winning national, regional and state awards. He knows how to succinctly present an issue and the argument for a specific solution or course of action. He will bring this ability to your position papers, annual reports, speeches or guest columns. If you want to harness the power of words to advance your important idea, Robert can do it.


Robert excels at coaching others, helping them to build on their natural talents. In 2015, two of the people who reported to him won three major national awards for their work. As an editor, he can evaluate others’ work for its ability to communicate, identify holes in an argument or point out unanswered questions. He's just as good at line-by-line editing for spelling and grammar. Your report will end up more powerful and persuasive as a result.


Before Robert starts to write, he always asks himself: What is my point for my reader? That keeps him focused on the message and communicating it clearly. It’s easy to become so enmeshed in all the details and ramifications of an issue that you forget not everyone knows the subject as well as you do. Effective communication often hinges on bringing in fresh eyes. Robert can review your current messaging efforts, or work with you in developing new ones to make sure your key points are being conveyed to your audience.

Media prep

Does a voice message from a reporter send chills down your spine? Does the thought of sitting with an editorial board fill you with dread? Effective preparation can reduce your anxiety. Robert has been on the other side of tense interviews and cringed at efforts to mislead or obfuscate. Truth is your best choice; he'll coach you on how to use it potently.

Photo: Arizona Republic

Leading discussions

In addition to his previous role leading editorial board meetings and discussions, Robert has been a panelist or moderator at dozens of debates for races big and small. His philosophy: The moderator should never be the star; that role belongs to the candidates or panelists. Robert has the skills to keep a debate or discussion flowing with the attention focused where it belongs. He's the perfect moderator for debates, community meetings or strategic planning sessions.  


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